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Our Team

Daniel Groom

A self proclaimed skeptical believer, Dan’s first paranormal experience didn’t happen until he began investigating, however his interest in the paranormal started as a child. He can’t tell us why or how, just that the possibility that we can exist and communicate in a non physical form is like “being a kid and discovering the world again”. With a background in film and TV production, his technical knowledge combines with the paranormal, helping explain why the things that go bump in the night also steals your battery power.

Susan Ahearn

Susan is a psychic medium. She is a four time near death experiencer. Professionally, Susan helps connect the living with the dead and gives explanation to what is happening during an investigation, helping us understand what we are dealing with. She is internationally known for her radio talk show and film appearances. Susan's analysis has become a valuable asset for Mass Hauntings.

David Foley

Dave’s interest in the paranormal began in his teenage years. One night while outside with his friend, they both encountered a man in a suit walking across a yard and vanishing. That was enough for him to look into the paranormal and ask questions. During his first official investigation, he became passionate about learning the equipment and finding out what makes a place haunted. You can also see him on our show, Mass Hauntings.

Additional Investigators

Joshua Hill - Investigator and Location Scout

Owen Myre - Exclusive to Mass Hauntings

Myra Wilson - Exclusive to Mass Hauntings

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